My #HappyWiT List

If I ran the sentiment analysis for articles talking about women in tech, I’m willing to bet it would come back pretty bleak. At times, being a woman in tech can really feel like a dark pit of wtf. But that’s not the full story. This week to combat those wtf blues, I wrote a happy list,  my #HappyWiT list. A list of the little things about being a woman in tech that bring out the sunshine and make me smile. Some are near trivial, some you couldn’t buy if you wanted to.

  • I never have to wait for the toilet. Seriously, never. On top of that the little zen touches and music make it feel like an escape. You can imagine doing yoga in there, because well, I have. Let me conclude, it was very relaxing.
  • Women in tech make more money than florists. I love flowers, but if I was a florist, the options for my next holiday would not be between an island in Croatia and a Swiss Alps mountain. Oh right, and don’t forget financial stability for the next generation is included too.
  • People remember me. With my stilettos and midi skirts, I stick out. The shock of seeing me makes people pause just long enough for me to be heard. I’ll take it, being louder than the noise is hard! I’m happy to be better known for data science than shoes now, but I know people started listening because of the suede pumps.
  • One-time strangers help me. I’m where I’m at because of so many friendly hands helping me out along the way. I couldn’t ask for the kindness people have shown. It makes be believe an ounce of love is worth more than a pound of wtf.
  • I get to help women who didn’t go into tech, which is quite a few people. In a few places in my career I’ve met shy parameters and products here and there that were overlooked. Then, with a little attention they blossom and unlock jobs, experiences, or opportunities for women around the world and their families!

#HappyWiT   What’s your list?


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