14 Inspiring Open Data Science Positions

I recently had the honor of speed dating 64 open data science positions. I approached my job change as a research opportunity to understand the data science market. I learned about how data and companies fit and the spectrum of data-enabled, data-support, and data-driven. For me personally, the long story made short is I am now happily engaged to Pinterest! However, I feel there are many open and inspiring data science positions, where someone can write a solid chapter in their career and potentially in the history of data science. To those data scientist with a toe to two feet in the job change waters, I hope this list provides a springboard.

Positions with a little je nais se quoi sparkle:

Lyft – the pink mustache, affordable, friendly, scrappy sister of Uber. The part of interest is they are well funded and well staffed – one of the most experienced management groups I’ve seen. The result is an incredible ratio between data scientists and impact. (Job: Data Science, Contact Alex: atreister at lyft.com)

Remind – brings technology to K12 in a simple necessary way by creating classroom communication between teachers and parents. They are a well funded series C startup with 2 data scientists in gigantic space with charismatic leaders. (Job: Growth Data Science, Contact: David at Remind.com)

Laudable Positions in alphabetical order:

Airbnb – definitely a well liked product. One of the largest data science teams, implementing a data-enabled environment, subtle difference from data-driven. Opportunity to learn and collaborate. (Job: Data Science)

Asana – interesting position, well respected company. (Job: Data Science Lead)

Clever – education startup providing a single logon platform for K12 courses to manage applications. Unique application with rapid growth. (Job: PM – analytics)

Credit Karma – profitable, with an interesting data problem to match credit histories with financial advice. Relaxed and friendly team, easy to work with. (Job: Senior Data Science)

Instacart – incredibly handy service with a variety of constraint and recommendation problems. Great opportunity for data driven innovation. (Job: Senior Data Analyst – Product)

Le Tote – I LOVE this service, room for improvement around fresh clothing availability, but off to a solid start. (Job: Data Science Lead)

Nerd Wallet – another instantly profitable financial company, very similar to Credit Karma, sans ssn plus editors. Growing rapidly and recruiting well. (Job: Business Analytics, Contact if you’re in network Anurag)

Pandora – now technically this is an Oakland job, but given the culture and team members, I think this role demands an exception and should be considered. Much room to innovate with audible ads. (Job: Senior Ads Scientist, Contact: Marcy can be reached at mdavis at pandora.com)

Stripe – ambitious startup doing well in the online financial space. Young and hungry. (Job: Data Scientist)

Square – interesting stage of growth. They are simultaneously building on the traditional square with a projected IPO and growing like a startup with expanding what Square can mean for small business. (Job: Data Scientist, Contact: Tony can be reached at tc at squareup.com)

Rally Health – seeks to use gaming and psychology to encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Very solid startup/big hospital alignment. (Job: Business Intelligence Analyst)

Udemy – MOOC education startup using inspirations from YouTube, Lynda, and Coursera to bring a unique flavor and good user experience. Vision backed by a bright driven team. (Job: Senior Data Science Analyst)

Ryan does his part for data.

For those interested in how this list was generated, here are the search features. Search parameters were for downtown San Francisco, companies where data will make a difference in their success. Additional points were for high ratio of impact per data scientist, funding between series C and going public, warm friendly cultures, investment in setting data scientists up for success, and well liked B2C products. For such a specific search 14 positions matched as commendable considerations.

I look forward to following how these companies progress towards their visions and how data science evolves as a field to meet their challenges!

One thought on “14 Inspiring Open Data Science Positions

  1. Fascinating plunge into the deep end of the job search pool. You are generous to share your research with those who are still out there swimming!

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